The scientific dimension is an essential part of the Osservatorio’s mission. The scientific approach to the themes of interest is assured by a stable group of experts specialized in various alcohol related fields. Within the Laboratory several disciplines are represented.

The independence of each member is guaranteed. Dissenting opinion is free.

The Scientific Laboratory addresses and selects the research programs, discusses the outcomes and express its opinion on  publications. The members of the Scientific Laboratory participate in conferences, conventions and panel discussions on alcohol related issues. The Scientific Laboratory discusses and defines the execution of the internal and/or outsourced research and communication activities. It refers on the researches’ outcomes to the Managing Board. It guarantees the quality of researches according to a scientific grounded perspective.
The members of the Laboratorio operates on a guaranteed free opinion and in full possession of the right to express their personal opinions in accordance with the received scientific  deontology.

The members of the Laboratorio
Allaman Allamani – Centro Alcologico – FirenzePierluigi Ascani – Format Research Roma

Andrea Balbi – ASL RM D – Roma

Roberto Barale – Dipartimento Biologia – Università di Pisa – Pisa

Franca Beccaria -Eclectica –  Torino

Lamberto Briziarelli – CSES Università –  Perugia

Paola Carbone – Dipartimento Psicologia Università La Sapienza –  Roma

Luciana Castelli – Università di Locarno – Locarno

Carla Collicelli – Censis –  Roma

Maurizio Fea – Federserd –  Pavia

Piercarlo Grimaldi – Università di Scienza Gastronomiche – Pollenzo

Ina Hinnenthal – SERT NOA  – Imperia

Carmelina Loguercio – Medicina, Chirurgia – Università Napoli 2 – Napoli

Maria Antonia Modolo – Rivista Salute Umana – Perugia

Sabrina Molinaro – Istituto Fisiologia Clinica CNR –  Pisa

Franco Prina – Dipartimento Scienze Sociali – Università  – Torino

Daniele Rossi – Federalimentare –  Roma