The Osservatorio Permanente sui Giovani e l’Alcool’s PROGETTO SCUOLE is a project created with the intent of developing research and support activities in the school environment with the reasonable expectation that would contribute to enhance information and develop a precautionary approach to alcohol related issues among youth.
Progetto Scuole’s objective is to provide schools (not only teachers and students, but also parents) with educational assistance in  order to raise awareness on issues such as the use and misuse of alcoholic beverages. The project consists of several meetings between students and a group of experts who collaborate with the Osservatorio. The methodology, based on the social influencers’ method, combines in an innovative manner the traditional experts/students information’s exchange with a more direct students’ participation that will facilitate sharing their own personal experiences and produce a project work.
Progetto Scuole is differently structured depending on the reference target. For middle schools it consists in a briefer sequence of one or two meetings in class and a meeting dedicated to parents plus entertainment in class through a game (Bottles! Sometimes they might be dangerous). High schools will follow a longer and more structured path, named “LAB CODEX – Learn to decide”, that will last 3 years with a constant involvement of students aged 16 to 18 years old. The program combines an entertaining part and a quantitative research part focused on the study and the monitoring of adolescents’ behaviors.
Progetto scuole appeals to the socio-pedagogical competences of the Laboratorio Scientifico’s members and it is implemented with the scientific collaboration of the Università di Roma – La Sapienza’s Psychology Department (Professor Paola Carbone, Anna Ferrari and Elisa Casini) and the University of Perugia’s CSES (Experimental Educational Center of Health).