The governance of the Osservatorio is structured in a number of bodies:

Shareholders’s Assembly

The shareholders Assembly exercises the right to appoint the President, the Vice Presidents, the members and the President of the  Scientific Laboratory (Laboratorio Scientifico), the President of the Ethical Committee (Comitato etico) and the Secretary-General (Segretario generale). It  approves the annual financial plan and fixes the annual membership fee. If required, the Assembly deliberates  also on the amendments of the incorporation deed and statute, as well as on the extension or the dissolution of the Association.

Managing Board

The Board is the Osservatorio’s executive body. It is composed by the President, the President of the Laboratorio Scientifico, the President the Ethical Committee, the VicePresidents and the Secretary-General. The board must define the annual and pluriannual planning of the Association. In addition, it establish the annual associative fee, it presents the financial plan’s draft, it coordinates the ordinary activities and defines the strategic and cultural policy of the Association.


Scientific Laboratory

The Scientific Laboratory is a stable group of experts specialized in various alcohol-related fields is in charge of supervising the research programs and activities of the Association while granting the dissemination of its results. The Scientific Laboratory defines the operational programmes and contributes to the definition of  the strategic policy of the Association.


Ethical Committee

The Ethical Committee is the Association’s guarantee body. It is in charge of safeguarding the scientific objectivity and the correctness of the methodologies directly or indirectly employed by the Association. It monitors that conflict of interests do not arise within the definition, production and use of scientific results.

Institutional Laboratory

In case it is commenced by the Assembly, the Institutional Laboratory is an advisory body made up of local, regional, national and European institutional representatives in charge of defining and implementing public policies on  alcohol related issues and that can be involved in sessions of analysis at the Osservatorio’s instance.